Animated explainer videos

Animated explainer videos vs. Live Action Explainers – What works Better?

When the time comes for a business owner to decide what kind of explainer is the right one for their own business, most of the time the choice comes down to using either a live action or animated explainer videos. Both of these types of videos have their advantages and disadvantages and that is probably what makes the decision even more difficult, so to make things much easier for you we are going to put some of those pros and cons together right in this article, so make sure that you keep on reading till the end.

Animated explainers

Animated explainer is probably what comes to mind first when people think about explainers. These videos are great if you are in need of a tool that will allow you to make really complicated products or ideas simple and entertaining for the viewers and they are even better if you have no intention to spend your days looking for actors to star in your video and trying to find the perfect location, or even building the set for it. However, the problem with animated explainer videos is that sometimes they just don’t feel personal enough because of the lack of people in them. Depending on the topic that you are discussing in the video this may not be a problem at all, but if connecting to people is something that you think is essential, then this may not be the right kind of video. Another thing that you want to consider is the fact that animated explainers can take anywhere from 3 to 7 weeks to create, depending on the length, and that is definitely a significant amount of time.

Live action explainers

Opposite to what we said about the animated explainers, when it comes to live action explainers they are exactly what you need when you want people to connect to the video emotionally. These videos can achieve this because people can relate to other people’s body language and having people in the live action videos means that your viewers will be able to connect to the story much faster. Another great thing is that these videos have a very instructive tone that is very authentic and that only adds to the humanising feeling of the videos. It’s great that these videos are relatively quick to make, depending on the complexity of it. However, the biggest drawback when it comes to these videos is the fact that they can be extremely expensive, and with every new element that you want to add the cost will rise. Another problem is that these videos are very difficult to fix, so if you forget something adding it in will be almost impossible without having to pay a lot of extra money.

As you can see, both types of videos have something great to offer, but both of them also come with some negative sides as well. It is now up to you to go through the video and to figure out whether your business will benefit more from live action or animated explainer videos.