Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Why Whiteboard Explainer Videos Are the Worst?

If you are acquainted with the ins and outs of marketing of nearly any product or service, you have probably heard the term ‘explainer video’. Better yet, you have probably also heard the term ‘whiteboard explainer video’. For those of you who may not know, an explainer video, as the name suggests, is a video made for the purpose of explaining any concept usually in connection to the usage or function of a product. In other cases, it may be used for educational purposes. Either way, a commonly employed version of explainer videos is that of ‘whiteboard’ explainer videos. This is a stylistic take on these videos where a classroom style explanation (i.e. the very kind carried out on a whiteboard) is simulated. This is done solely because of the structural and simple endeavor an explanation on a whiteboard represents.

So in these videos, most of the concepts are illustrated before your own eyes and things are explained on the spot. This may sound like a great way to market your product but we cannot help but believe that this style of marketing is perhaps the worst. Why? Here are just a few reasons.

It makes your product look like a joke. This statement is less speculation, more observation. Since explainer videos are usually in black and white and the illustrations fail to be complex and sophisticated, a sense of finesse is lost in this marketing attempt. The product being marketed seems too simple or not worth better graphics.

They explain more and attract less. Surely, a lot of explainer videos are meant for the sole purpose of explaining a concept. However, speaking from a marketing perspective, explainer videos are supposed to make your product or service appear desirable and attractive. The kind of animation used in whiteboard explainer videos is hardly attractive, however. The visuals are likely to remain colorless, two-dimensional, flat and consistent- making your video bland. Surely a lot of information can make its way to a viewer through the whiteboard style, but how much of a lasting impression can such a video really leave on its viewers?

Most explainer videos look the same. It is always the same touch of goofy humor and the same simplistic animation with stick figures and whatnot. Needless to say, this causes your explainer video to lose its sense of uniqueness completely. The best explainer videos are those that stand out in a crowd. If you choose to employ such an overdone method in order to enhance your work, you are only going to end up dragging yourself down.