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How Secure Is Your Website? A guide to Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

A well-designed and regularly-updated WordPress website can guarantee the rapid development of your business. Unfortunately, such financial prosperity is hardly likely to go unnoticed. Therefore, it is important to take the necessary precautions, so as to keep your website safe and secure.

Cyber security is also the top priority of WordPress hosting, with most of the top providers sparing no effort to shield their customers against possible malware and ransomware attacks.

The Importance of Choosing a Reliable Provider

Choosing a reliable, flexible and responsive website hosting provider is the first and, arguably, the most important step you have to take towards a more secure WordPress website.

Cyber security gurus advise that you should look for one that has developed a multi-layered security system. That way hackers are less likely to penetrate your defenses and cause irreparable harm to your business.

Words fail me to stress the importance of not trying to save money on your WordPress hosting provider, especially if you are not very computer-savvy. After all, enhanced website security comes at a price.

Go for Automated Security Updates

If you are busy developing your online business, the last thing you want to worry about is keeping the security of your WordPress website up to date. Well, if you’ve purchased the right WordPress hosting plan from the right website hosting provider, that shouldn’t be an issue.

Most of the big providers out there automatically send minor security updates to your website, while major ones are rigorously tested before they are offered to the end user.

Real Time Threat Detection

This is another important security feature that your website hosting provider should offer you, or at least one that you should be looking for, when shopping around for a WordPress hosting solution.

Your website’s security system should possess a plug-in capable of detecting and blocking possible attacks with malware, adware, spyware, or ransomware in real time. But to do so, it should be properly and regularly updated, as I said above. It should always be a step ahead of hackers!

Don’t Be Theme-cheap

By this I mean that you should go for a WordPress premium theme, if you can afford it, or stay with your free theme, for the time being at least. Whatever you do, do not go for one of the so-called nulled themes – cracked premium themes that oftentimes contain malicious codes.

Some of these codes create weak links in your website’s security shield and make it more vulnerable to embarrassing hacks. Do not be penny wise, pound foolish! Stay safe with a genuine WordPress theme!


Two-factor authentication, commonly known as 2FA, isn’t reserved for cryptocurrency exchange accounts only. In fact, it can do wonders for the security of your WordPress website by granting you greater control on who can access it.

If you haven’t done it yet, go and ask your website hosting provider for the 2FA solutions that they can offer you!

Final Words on WordPress Website Security

In the world of WordPress hosting, making your website safe and secure can often be a challenge. The security features listed above give you some idea of what’s currently on the market.

For more detailed information on any of the solutions discussed so far, do not hesitate to contact your website hosting provider.