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Are Free Explainer Videos (DIY) Worthy It?

Having deficits in your budgets is common in business. Despite this, you must keep your business marketing on course to ensure you overcome the issue. One way of achieving it is through creating explainer videos to educate your prospects about your brands. Mainly, if you are a new entrant, you may not have the cash to cater for your video production costs. So, an option to do your explainers for free can be a well-articulated idea. But according to experts, free things are not always the best. Also, some associate them with low quality and unsatisfactory outcomes. Due to this, you are in a dilemma whether the free explainer videos are worth it or not. To guide you out, here are some essential points on them:

Enhance uniformity on your website

Have you come across a website where the information on the written content sounds different with the embedded videos? Well, making your explainer through the free video creators helps you to tell the story using your tone. When one reads your content and watches your videos, they do not feel like they are going through different scripts. As you know, uniformity is cradle in achieving your business goals.
All communication channels you use to talk about your products must share a similar tone and destined for the same purpose. Free DIY explainer videos offer you an opportunity to talk about your products from the horse’s mouth. This way, you enhance the knowledge about them and help your prospects to associate with them.

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Reduce your cost

The reason you are going the free-way is due to limited resources. Video production is not cheap. You need to invest a lot of cash in developing the scripts, selecting images, creating audios and voiceover, and the overall production cost. For startups and small enterprises, allocating the production budget can remain a dream. However, it does not mean setting up a website and not uploading videos on them. With the free explainer videos, you only need to have basic video production knowledge, and the rest will be history. You will be able to create wooing videos that will drive your point home at an affordable cost or free of charge. So, limited budgets should not be a reason for missing a video on your site. Go the do it yourself way.

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SEO optimization

SEO optimization is no longer an option. If you want to earn more from your site befriending it with the search engines is a must. Also, you have heard for long that adding a video on a website boosts it by 53 times. So, if you had quality content and other ranking requirements, adding a free explainer video can place your website at the first position on the Google results.
This will mean more traffic, more leads, conversion rates, and a hike on your sales level. Thus, having an explainer video on your website enhances your ranking.

You have the control of the development process

One disadvantage of outsourcing your explainer video production is the loss of control of the process. By hiring a company or a videographer, you pass on the ability to dictate what suits your organization. The professional will make the videos depending on how they feel the suitable option for your company. However, their choice might not be your preference. So, the explainer may not align with your product's message. Considering the free option and DIY is a right way of retaining control on the content and the message on your explainer videos. As such, you can see why free explainer videos (DIY) are worth it. If your budgets are fixed, consider this option.

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